What to do if there is a Gas Emergency in your restaurant?

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There are two kinds of gas that can affect your restaurant; natural gas (used in cookers) and carbon monoxide. If you have a natural gas leak, you can easily detect it by using your sense of smell. If you have a Gold Coast Gas emergency, the split-second decisions you make are vital and can save lives.

You should do the following:

1. Ask yourself if you have gas in your restaurant

This may not sound like a reasonable question, but it is very important. If you don’t have gas in your restaurant, and you can smell it, then you know it’s definitely coming from somewhere else. If the smell is strong enough to reach your restaurant, it’s likely that it’s a significant leak and you need to get out immediately.

2. Try to find the source of the leak

The gas smell is strongest at the source. Follow the smell to pinpoint where it’s coming from. For instance, a leak in the kitchen may simply be as a result of an incorrectly turned off ring. If the smell is coming from the basement or a cellar, get out immediately.

3. Think safety

The build-up of unburnt gas in your restaurant can ignite at the slightest provocation and have devastating consequences. If you can smell the gas, immediately turn off any fires, do not strike any matches, light a cigarette, or flick any electrical switches.

4. Ventilate to disperse the gas

Open all the windows and doors to allow the gas to dissipate. This lets in fresh air which removes the smell and reduces the risk of accidental ignitions.

5. Turn the gas off at the meter

Locate your gas meter and turn it off there if possible. For new buildings, the meter might have a physical valve that needs rotating. In older buildings, the valve may get stuck over time particularly when it’s outside, so don’t force it.

6. Alert the neighbours

If you are facing a serious gas emergency, or a leak in the basement or cellar where it’s poorly ventilated, you must get out as soon as possible and stay out. You also need to warn the neighbors and encourage them to get out too, especially if your restaurant is close to other businesses or properties.

7. Call for help

Last but not least, you need to call in the professionals to come in and fix the problem. You need to hire a trained and licensed Gas Safe registered engineer to help you attend to your gas emergency Gold Coast. If the leak source is a faulty appliance or boiler and it is permanently disconnected or condemned, do not try to reconnect it.

Call the team at Gas Jet on 1300 881 902 for our qualified professional team to come and fix your gas emergency in Gold Coast.

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