LPG Gas Bottles – The simply do’s and don’ts of LPG storage.

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Outside of Brisbane there are only pockets of Natural gas distribution. Therefore many domestic and commercial gas customers rely on LPG Gas Bottles for their supply needs. Most common forms of storage are from 45kg LPG Gas Bottles. These generally come in two forms (1) Exchange or (2)In-situ refill. Either way the key thing is gas storage safety.

There is often some confusion on requirements and also who is responsible for gas storage safety. Ultimately the responsibility falls back on the owner of the property and therefore the owner of the gas system. However as gas fitters we are responsible for ensuring that LPG Gas Bottles are installed to present standards and indeed are maintained at present standards. Therefore if the gas fitter was to turn up to work on any aspect of a properties gas supply they have a duty of care to ensure that the entire system (including LPG GAS Bottles) is safe and compliant. If this system is not compliant then the duty of care extends to either rectifying the issues or isolating the system and issuing a defect notice. LPG Gas Bottles Storage needs to be taken seriously!

So what are the key things involved in safe LPG Gas Bottle storage. There are some very key simply guidelines that as the owner of the system you need to be aware off. The following diagram highlights these:

lpg bottle

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