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LPG Gas Bottles – The simply do’s and don’ts of LPG storage.
November 22, 2018

So this weeks blog is just a quick video about one of the services that we offer. Commercial gas appliances are expensive items an time and time again we see that most issue arise from poor maintenance. Often appliance are left to a point where they keep breaking down and to the uninitiated they are deemed as write offs. These appliances may be well maintained on face value as in the surfaces are cleaned but often they have never had a service of their gas components other than a thermocouple change. Its a lot easier for apparent gas fitter to say “mate she has had it” rather than roll up their sleaves and fix the issue.

At Gas-Jet we don’t view these items as throw away items especially as commercial gas appliances cost thousands of dollars. With a comprehensive overhaul of the appliance the Gas-Jet team can breath new life into the appliance at a fraction of the cost of a new appliance. The work can be carried out after hours for large institute appliances so you don’t occur any down time. Smaller appliances such as single fryers can be removed and reconditioned of site if necessary and loan appliances are available.

If however your Commercial gas appliance has completely given up its ghost then here at Gas-Jet we often have reconditioned appliance for sale. Every reconditioned appliance comes with 6 months parts and labour warrantee (conditions apply).

We can also offer a range of new commercial gas appliances to suit your commercial appliance requirements and budgets.

Obviously Gas-Jet always recommends a Gas Appliance Servicing maintenance programme on all gas appliances as this will guarantee a long life of your appliance. However if your gas appliance has never felt the love of a Gas-jet Gas Appliance servicing then we will have you covered with either a new, used or reconditioned commercial gas appliance.

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